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The Aura Builders Club is a 6 week IRL residency for 25 builders

The builder’s club is a social residency for entrepreneurial engineers, technical co-founders and life hackers with project they want to build.


The Season 0 cohort is tailored for 25 Artificial Intelligence projects. 

This is not a competition, bootcamp or accelerator. The one rule of the program is to "build" tangible output, whether it is a feature for your AI startup or an AI apps that teaches you language​.

Our thesis

We want to lower the barriers to entry to launching startups in the Australian ecosystem. 


We believe the best way to build and learn is to surround yourself with the best in the field and provide you with the tools, accountability and a dedicated IRL Hacker space to execute.

How will we help you build

The program is run by Annie (Aura Ventures) and we are there for you every step of the way:​

  • Hacker space: dedicated coworking location (weekends and nights) at Aura Ventures offices in Sydney CBD

  • AI engineering mentors: access to AI researchers and developers from AWS, Google, Relevance AI etc

  • Cloud credits: $100K+ from where you would like: Google, AWS, Microsoft, Databricks, Relevance AI, Sahha etc.

  • AI engineer and GTM community: access to Aura Ventures expert networks and alumni

  • Technical demo day: At the end, all of this hard work culminates in a technical Demo Day to an panel of potential VCs, customers and partners

Continuation: After your cohort wraps up, select individuals will have access to our build space hub to continue on their projects and opportunity to present at Aura Ventures Summit to VCs

It's also 100% free!  And we do not take any equity

If you can't comit the full 6 weeks, we also have drop in coworking for anyone! 

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